Wattifi gives you the ability to lower your electricity bill with our customer usage monitoring technology and access to wholesale electricity prices.

There are 3 problems with your electric bill

You are overpaying because your supplier includes a premium to give you a fixed rate.
When you are stuck with fixed price electricity, you have little control over your electricity costs because the price per kwh is the same no matter when you use it.
Your supplier lacks real time data to price your usage based on when you actually use electricity, not when they assume you use it.

Introducing Wattifi

With Wattifi, you get direct access to wholesale prices and your actual electricity consumption using our “Wattifi Connect” Technology, giving you the ability to save when prices are lower and shift your usage when prices are higher.

Wattifi’s prices in Connecticut

Wattifi, Inc., a Connecticut based company, has as our mission to provide Connecticut electricity consumers with access to the lowest electricity prices available. If you can take advantage of lower priced hours or shift your usage when prices are higher, you can benefit from the lowest electricity prices available.

Where do we buy our electricity?

Wattifi buys energy on behalf of our customer in the “ISO-NE Day-Ahead Market”. Wattifi purchases renewable energy credits to ensure a minimum of 29% of your kWh usage is from renewable energy sources.
Wattifi is a licensed Connecticut Retail Electricity Supplier

CT Docket Number 17-11-25

The Public Utilties Regulatory Authorithy (PURA) can be reached Toll Free in Connecticut at (800) 382-4586

Wattifi is now available to Connecticut commercial customers

Contact us to get started at 888-594-6877 or info@wattifi.com